Presidents Award
Best Tire Stores

With 29 stores throughout Utah, you are never too far away from a Les Schwab® location. Contractors especially like this because downtime is money.

Every Employee at every Les Schwab® store takes pride in how they treat ALL their customers, and if you are visiting a store for the first time you'll find the experience somewhat different. Les Schwab® Partners with their employees in a very unique way and this translates to Customer Service that is on a different level. We invite you to visit their YouTube Channel as well.
Les Schwab®, if you haven't been there before you are in for a Treat. Tell them DOC sent you.

Best Franchised Oil Change & Quick Service.
We personally started using Grease Monkey when they opened in Logan and will NEVER use anyone else. We love the way they make suggestions on things you should be doing to keep your ride in shape without pushing.

There are 15 Locations in Utah. Find One.   Logan 435-752-6300

Best Franchised Collision Repair

We've personally had 7 vehicles (and one Motorcycle) done at MAACO and couldn't be happier. They ROCK.

One of the few companies that can do it ALL, and they have different ranges so you can customize to your price range.

Find a Location Near You.